Customer Leadership

“Customer Leadership” uses Big Data analytics and insight to drive leadership, organization and branding decisions and actions – all aimed to improve customer products, services, experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

A presentation given to the University of Leeds Customer Data Research Centre (CDRC) Symposium, on January 8th, 2015, at the Royal Society, London

Leadership Challenges Today

A presentation given as Visiting Professor for the MSc in Management program at Leeds University Business School.

Mick addresses some of the fundamentals of leadership, and the implications of 6 of today’s most pressing Leadership challenges: high performance systems, democratisation, innovation networks, global-local paradox, employee engagement and the data revolution

Customers, Leadership & Big Data 

A keynote given by Mick at The Institute of Customer Service in London on February 25th, 2014.

Mick explains what organisations need to understand to maximise big data and outlines its implications for customer relationships, internal organisational structures and leadership. He explores how big data can be harnessed for customer engagement and co-creation and looks at what kind of leadership is needed, combining human-based values with technology. Mick also considers the business risks associated with big data, how these may impact customer relationships and how they might be overcome.

Leadership in the Big Data era

A presentation given by Mick at TEN (The Executive Network) in London on November 6th, 2013.

There is so much talk about Big Data, yet little practical advice to help organizations deal with it. 90% of all data ever created by the human race was created in the past two years alone – and the rate is accelerating. The real revolution, though, is that only the individual will be able to access all of his or her own data – companies must come to terms with this loss of control.

What is Big Data, and how does it impact all businesses, their people and their organizations? What strategies can you employ to deal with this data revolution? And, how can you lead change in your organization, to embrace Big Data’s impact in all of your activities?

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I was honoured to receive an email from Slideshare saying that my presentations were in the top 5% of all views in 2013

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Top views were for “Distributed Leadership & High Performance” and “Big Data, Big Choices