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Customer Leadership

Mick focuses on helping growth firms improve both their leadership skills and customer strategies – based on a deep and uniquely connected understanding of leadership development, global brand marketing, retail and the application of Big Data analytics and insight. 

This is Customer Leadership

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He works with Boards, the Executive Suite and the Private Equity Investment community.

He builds on his successful track record as senior Exec & Board Director in global firms, consultancy, start-up & non-profit, with a talented group of associate firms and experts who provide expertise as needed in analytics, brand strategy, communications, retail, digital design and social media marketing.

Mick’s passions? Respect for customers, clear strategic choices, developing great people, & leading high performing international teams.

He has have lived on 3 continents & worked across 6 at Board level, with hands on expertise in marketing, retailing, negotiation & the practical application of Big Data.

Services are delivered by LeaderValues Ltd. Mick founded leader-values.com in 1997, a very popular site with a vast range of leadership resources. It features the 4E’s Leadership Framework, researched at Oxford & HEC, and it underpins Mick’s Consulting and Executive Coaching work.

As visiting Professor at University of Leeds Business School, Mick works on the leadership, ethical & strategic challenges arising from the impact of Big Data & Social Media. He is a co-investigator at the University of Leeds Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC). Mick has an MSc in Coaching and Consulting for Change, jointly from Oxford University and HEC (Paris).  His dissertation was on the “4E’s Leadership Framework” – its history, validity and its actionablity in a trans-national enterprise – and he was awarded a distinction.

He was responsible for developing dunnhumby‘s new partnerships across the world with major Retailers. dunnhumby is the Global Leader in helping Clients take better, data-based customer focused business decisions. This followed a two and a half year period where he was retained as Board-level consultant by the Founders (Dunn & Humby) to create a new Global strategy and organization design. All in all, he worked with dunnhumby leadership for 10 years.

The team created long term ventures with major retailers in 26 countries, and Mick was Director on  Joint Venture Boards on 3 continents. He worked extensively in Latin America, extending his global understanding.

The dunnhumby experience broadened Mick’s strategic and practical understanding of the “Big Data” revolution and its implications. and rounded the circle on “customer” experience. Mick’s first days as a brand manager taught that the consumer was the boss, his global travel and increasing geographic responsibilities showed the similarities in consumer behaviour. The work at dunnhumby helped apply technology and “Big Data” to make it come true in new ways.

Mick’s earlier career as senior Exec spanned 30 years leading businesses in Europe, the USA, Asia & Australasia. He was Company Group Chairman (Regional CEO) of Johnson & Johnson Consumer in Asia-Pacific, notably China & India. Prior to this, he spent 22 years at Procter & Gamble, latterly as Regional Vice President & President of Max Factor Japan.

Mick was Chairman for Living Cell Technologies’ successful IPO, an Australia/New Zealand based biotechnology company, from 2004 until 2006.

In the non-profit arena, Mick was on the Board of Trustees of Save the Children (USA) from 2001 – 2007, the Board of Save the Children Korea, & Chief Advisor to the International Alliance.

In 1999, the Yates family started a Cambodian school development program, in a remote ex-Khmer Rouge area. They were awarded Medals of National Reconstruction by the Royal Cambodian Government (2002) & P&G Alumni’s Humanitarian of the Year award (2011).