Mick works with a talented group of Global experts, depending on the client need

Mick, working with world-class Associates, creates programs focused on the Customer, using Big Data insight, and connecting Branding and Leadership strategies and plans into an integrated whole.

This unique, blended approach is called “Customer Leadership”.

We work with Boards, the Executive Suite and the Private Equity Investment community.

Associates have expertise in Change Management processes, Big Data analytics and database structures, Omni-channel Retail, Brand marketing, Customer and Sales development, Communications and PR, Corporate Social Responsibility, Digital and Social Media strategy, and Web design.


Balcroft Consulting website

“Results-driven consulting, to enable business transformation and profit maximization”

Balcroft works hand-in-hand with the client’s operational activities to ensure change execution is perfect. They offer a no-nonsense and transparent financial guarantee, to ensure benefits promised at the outset are actually delivered.

The Business Review process identifies the barriers that prevent maximising 
the opportunities that exist within the business, and then creates a clear action plan to quantify and remove them.

Balcroft then helps build a business Operating Framework, with four main components: forecasting, planning & scheduling, work execution and performance reporting. They also deliver a Quality Assurance Assessment Tool as an online application, designed to improve the quality of work delivered on a going basis.


Elucidata website

“Our mission is to help our clients lead and thrive in the age of big data”

A specialist Data Science consultancy, with cutting edge understanding of Big Data technology and its application. Elucidata offers:

  • Advising on data commercialization, to unlock the hidden commercial value within a client’s data assets. Turning data into a revenue stream requires new skills, technologies and creative vision. Drawing on work with a wide variety of organisations, our consultants help clients unlock new revenue opportunities.
  • Delivering data-science solutions. This is a business discipline that drives smart, computer-enhanced enterprise. At Elucidata we use our agile data science methodology to help customers rapidly develop and deploy new analytics, and to establish a competitive lead in this exciting domain.
  • Building teams and capabilities. Technology alone will not result in data science excellence. Rather, excellence is a property of high performing teams and business functions. We work with our clients to build data science capabilities with the people, and processes and organisational structure required for excellence.


IORMA website

The Global Consumer Commerce Knowledge Centre”

IORMA is a resource for Business, Governments and Academia that recognise their need to understand and respond to the many ways in which consumers are changing – in the products and services they want and need, and the ways they want to obtain them.

Associates are senior people in both SME’s and major Corporates across R&D, design, advertising, manufacturing, retail, logistics, digital and mobile innovation, travel, luxury products and services, education, healthcare and financial services.

IORMA offers a wide range of products and services directly relevant to the Global  OMNI-channel Retailing Industry:

  • Events and online briefings on topical subjects
  • Market Research and Analytical services
  • Trust and Privacy Services
  • Data Tracking Hub, covering all aspects of Global Omni-channel Retail

Kissmann Langford

Kissman Langford website

Say the right thing in the right way to the right people”

Strategic communications services – planning, counselling and execution – that track the following fast-changing trends:

Businesses and other organisations will thrive if they adjust to an increasingly inter-connected world, where traditional boundaries between sectors are blurring, where the key leadership trait is collaboration, where alliance-building is the key management skill and where authentic communications are a pre-condition to success.

  • Key KL services: Stakeholders audits and relationship management services, Coalitions and alliance management and campaigning’ Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and organisational development

Businesses and other organisations are held to account according to a “social contract” which is deemed to exist between them and multiple stakeholders. Transparency and sensitivity to the values/mores and beliefs of these critical audiences are key components of this social contract; while the building and preservation of trust is its main goal.

  • Key KL services: Issues monitoring and analysis, Scenario planning and training, Crisis prevention, Hands-on crisis management and counselling

Businesses and other organisations will live or die by their commitment to nurturing and translating innovation into products and services, by attracting and retaining the best possible teams, by embracing continuous change while preserving and using accumulated knowledge

  • Key KL services: Cultural and internal engagement audits, C-suite positioning, Internal communications planning and execution, Recruitment and retention campaigns


Radical Company website

“A digital disruption agency”

Creating digital products and services is our passion. We work with you to create innovative ideas that solve your customer needs, disrupt your market and keep you ahead of your customer’s expectations.

We combine strategy, creative, content, UX, design and technology for a fully integrated, end-to-end service.

  • Disrupt your market: As experts in digital disruption, we help you understand your customers and the goals they have. We apply creative thinking and experimentation to explore new customer segments; challenge existing business models; and experiment with emerging technologies to discover new opportunities and create the potential for growth.
  • Get to market fast: We take a vision and make it happen, fast. We apply disruptive thinking with a user-centered approach to evolve and shape ideas before rapidly prototyping, testing and developing them into real live products, enabling a quicker and more predictable return on investment.
  • Improve existing products: We help define and deliver a clear product strategy; create a unified future vision; adapt to new and rapidly evolving market conditions and technology; and simplify and enhance the user experience to enable you to keep ahead of your customer’s expectations, deepening the relationship and ensuring future relevance.