Customer Leadership

Customer Leadership

We focus on the Customer, using Big Data insight, and connect our Client’s Branding and Leadership strategies and plans into an integrated whole.

This unique, blended approach is called “Customer Leadership“. 

Our programs improve both senior leadership skills and data-driven customer strategies – based on a deep and uniquely connected understanding of leadership development, brand marketing, retail and the use of Big Data analytics and insight.

We use a “brand paradigm“, as this is the best way to conceptualise a modern, data-rich business. By brand, we mean the totality of what it is – its customer base, products, services, image, communication. These are all subject to scrutiny in today’s social environment. So we define companies as “brands”.

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We work with Boards, the Executive Suite and the Private Equity Investment community.

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Our work builds on Mick Yates experience and successful track record as senior Exec & Board Director in global firms, consultancy, start-up & non-profit. We also call on a talented group of associate firms and experts to provide expertise as needed in analytics, brand strategy, communications, retail, digital design and social media marketing.

Big Data

There is so much talk about Big Data, yet little practical advice to help organizations deal with it. The fact is, though, that whilst Big Data technology is ever evolving and increasingly sophisticated, it’s actually quite manageable.

The real issue is making day to day sense of it all inside the business, for every employee. Few enterprises of any size know how to effectively take advantage of Big Data for their customers. And even fewer have the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to lead the change processes needed inside their enterprise to make things happen.

We know how to use Big Data effectively, in both driving business results and leading organizations, and we partner with clients to transfer that knowledge.

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The Customer is in charge

Customer interactions are all moving from “push” as default to “pull”. Instead of businesses “pushing” services and products at customers, the individual can now discriminate and “pull” services to them – to suit their exact needs, preferences and timing.

Big Data makes this possible. Data drives transparency – both ways – and today’s technology allows customers to both understand what they are doing (and buying) and communicate (positively and negatively) about brands and companies in real time.

Individuals can view recommendations from other customers, access products, services, resources and media that they need, and optimize how and when it is all delivered and how it is subsequently used. In other words, customers “pull” and personalise everything rather accept things being “pushed” at them.

We know how to build a customer centric strategy  and execution, as the most viable approach for all enterprises in this data and technology rich environment.

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Mick Yates is an experienced Global Exec and Leadership strategist. He has a deep and uniquely connected understanding of leadership development, global brand marketing, retail and the application of Big Data analytics and insight.

Mick works with Boards, the Executive Suite and the Investment community

He has over 30 years Leadership and Business Development experience, with Regional CEO responsibilities in major, customer-focused global enterprises, as well as a strong academic background in leadership and change management.

Mick also has 10 years practical experience in the Big Data space, using analytics to drive growth and organizational change in businesses across the world. He is thus ideally placed to work with leaders seeking to derive real benefits from the Big Data revolution, focusing on the decision processes to make things happen.

He builds on this successful track record as senior Exec & Board Director in global firms, consultancy, start-up & non-profit, with a talented group of associate firms and experts who provide expertise as needed in analytics, brand strategy, communications, retail, digital design and social media marketing.

Mick has chaired an IPO and been Board Trustee in non-profit. Mick also has ten years of experience working in the Big Data arena, with global retail innovator dunnhumby. He is founder and leadership strategist of LeaderValues, one of the web’s most visited leadership sites, and is Visiting Professor at the University of Leeds, working on Big Data & Leadership.

Mick has lived on 3 continents and worked across 6 in both developed and emerging markets, and has hands-on expertise in leadership development, strategy, consumer marketing, retailing & the practical application of Big Data. His passions? Respect for customers, data-driven decisions, clear strategic choices, developing great people, & creating high performing international teams. 

Mick’s full Biography is here

Mick is thus uniquely placed to work with you to understand the strategic, leadership and organizational impact of Big Data, and how to use it to real advantage.

“Customer Leadership” programs include:

  1. Executive & Board Coaching, on Leadership, Customer strategy and Big Data
  2. Organizational change and Leadership Team Development
  3. Due diligence on Customer and Big Data firms
  4. Workshops and Keynotes

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We use the 4E’s Leadership Framework, researched at Oxford University and HEC (Paris), and focused on the leadership & decision processes needed to make things happen.

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